Hunter Mill
District Democratic Committee
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Become a member of Hunter Mill Democrats and/or volunteer to help KEEP Virginia Blue!
The Virginia Democratic Party, Fairfax County Democrats, and Hunter Mill Democrats (HMD) have 
opportunities if you would like to join or volunteer. For more information contact
Join the Hunter Mill Democrats

If you would like to make a difference in local, state and national politics, joining the HMD is a great first step. By joining us you will also be joining Fairfax County Democrats (FCD) and you'll have a voice in the decisions that affect the party here in Fairfax County.

Here is how the process works:

1. It's a good idea to attend an HMD meeting. Meetings are the second Wednesday of every month.
All meetings are held at the North County Government Center in Reston and begin at 7:30 pm.
Anyone interested in the committee's work may attend any meeting.

2. If you decide you would like to join the committee, fill out the 2016-2017 application form.
Submit your application (along with your membership fee -- $75 for two years) via email to the FCDC headquarters online or call FCDC at 703-573-6811 for the mailing address or contact the co-chair Charles Breig in order to mail the an application and your check to him.

3. At the next meeting your application will be voted on by the membership and if approved, will also be voted on by the full FCD membership at its next meeting.
There are a fixed number of HMD membership slots, but new members are always welcome, provided we have slots available.

4. The responsibilities that come with committee membership are not many, but they are important.
We ask that members commit to volunteering some time for our official activities, such as participating in our Lasagna Dinner fundraiser (Spring), get out the vote efforts (GOTV), voter registration efforts, etc. Members also are encouraged to canvas neighborhoods on behalf of candidates, staff phone banks and take part in various other campaign activities. Attending the monthly meetings of the Hunter Mill Democrats also gives members an opportunity to build alliances with other Democratic leaders and keep current on new events and issues."

If being a full member of the committee is not for you, we have many volunteer opportunities available.